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This post provides the 10 best places to see the wild dog on safari. But first, let’s look at several facts about wild dogs. They are also known as painted dogs. All wild dogs have rounded and big ears. But each animal has a unique coat pattern. They have long legs. Other dogs have five toes on the foot. Wild dogs have four toes per foot.

Wild dogs were mostly found across Africa. You could easily spot them in most habitats. Today, they are only found in some habitats. They can be found on woodlands and open plains in sub-Saharan Africa.

They live in packs. A monogamous breeding pair dominates each pack. A female wild dog can have two to twenty pups. The entire pack plays a key role in raising the cubs. This happens during the denning season.

Wild dogs are very social. They share food among packs. They help ill or weak members. They use actions, touch, and sounds to communicate.

They hunt in groups. A group can have six to twenty wild dogs. Earlier, these groups were larger. They hunt smaller animals such as birds, rodents, and antelopes. But they can prey on larger animals too. They have been recorded hunting wildebeests.

10 best places to see the wild dog on safari

This is one of the best places to see African wild dogs in Kenya. The community in Laikipia runs several conservancies. Most endangered animals benefit from these programs. You can find reticulated giraffes, black rhinos, and wild dogs in these conservancies.

Laikipia is a semi-arid area. Groups of wild dogs love denning in this area. They are spotted consistently in this wilderness. While on safari, you can spot a wild dog all year round. But you have a greater chance to spot one during their denning season.

Outbreaks of rabies and mange left Masai Mara without wild dogs a few years ago. Today, some changes have been reported. Wild dogs are being seen in the national park. Some areas in the conservation have thick vegetation. This offers a great place for denning. This could be the reason the wild dogs are coming back.

You can see wild dogs in Ruaha National Park. The park is home to a larger population of wild dogs. It has a perfect wilderness for wild animals.

The park is among the 10 best places to see the wild dog on safari. It is located in Tanzania. It is also known as Selous. Travelers love it for excellent sightings of wild animals.

It is located in Zimbabwe. The park runs a project aimed at wild dog conservation. The project re-introduces, rehabilitates, and protects endangered animals. It is a perfect place to see wild dogs.

Madikwe Game Reserve is in South Africa. You can spot wild dogs in the park. These animals were introduced in the park in 1994. Today, a number are thriving in the park. They tend to be comfortable with safari vehicles. So, you have a great chance to take a spectacular photo.

It is found in Botswana. It is one of the 10 best places to see the wild dog on safari. Most travelers report seeing a wild dog while on safari in the northern part of Botswana.

It is found in Zimbabwe. During the rainy season, it generates several lakes. After the rains, the water begins to recede. Then, natural watering holes or pools are left. Wild animals are drawn to these pools. This gives travelers great game-viewing scenery. It is one of the places where you can see wild dogs. Other wild animals come to drink water during the dry season. Wild dogs come as predators to prey on vulnerable animals. This makes the park the best place to see African wild dogs.

It is among the most known parks in South Africa. Several wild dogs are found in this park. This makes it among the 10 best places to see the wild dogs on safari. But it is not a guarantee that you will see one. This is considering the size of the park. If you spot one, then take great shots. These fantastic animals will give you a memorable safari experience.

We have identified the 10 best places to see the wild dogs on safari. But it is not a guarantee that you will see one. This is because their number is largely declining. Sometimes, wild dogs eat livestock. But this occurs in rare cases. They prefer wild animals. Farmers kill them to protect their livestock. They are also at a higher risk of diseases. Rabies is one of their threats. Also, a loss of habitat has led to the decline of these animals.

Wild dogs are among the species benefiting from conservation. They are being protected in their natural habitat. Several groups are working on conflicts between wild animals and humans. For example, farmers are getting training on how to manage wild animals. This approach is helping to prevent the decline of wild dogs. You can play a part in the conservation efforts. For instance, you can donate to conservation organizations. Also, protect the environment while