The Indian Ocean is one of the largest oceans in the world. It touches Australia, Asia, and Africa. An Indian Ocean cruise will take you to unique places in several countries. Cruise ships follow routes with stunning beaches and waterfalls. They follow routes that are perfect for taking pictures. You can travel from the beautiful beaches in Thailand to the modern mall in Dubai.

Common activities in Indian Ocean cruises include visiting tourist attractions and water sports. For example, you may enjoy fishing, diving, and snorkeling. You may even have opportunities to enjoy a desert safari. For example, if your cruise makes a stop in Dubai, you will enjoy desert safaris.

When should you consider a cruise to the Indian Ocean? November to March may be the best time. This season tends to be favorable for cruises.

There are several ports in the Indian Ocean. During your cruise, you may find yourself in these ports. For example, if you cruise along the coast of Africa, you may find yourself in several spots. These include Mombasa, Zanzibar, Maputo, and Cape Town. If you cruise toward India and Sri Lanka, you may visit Mumbai, Cochin, and Colombo.

Most Indian Ocean cruises will depart from Dubai or Mumbai. But some depart from other regions such as South Africa, Singapore, and Europe. The Indian Ocean is large. Cruises cannot cover the entire area. Instead, cruise lines focus on certain areas. Some cruise lines may focus on Sri Lanka and India alone. Other cruise lines go for longer sailing. For example, some can focus on the west coast of Africa. They may include stoppings in South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania. Here are some of the best cruises to go on the Indian Ocean.

Best Cruises to go on the Indian Ocean

For the best cruises to go on the Indian Ocean, you can choose the Celebrity Cruises line. It is known for its luxury cruises. Celebrity Cruises Indian Ocean allows travelers to make unforgettable memories. You get a chance to experience different cultures. While cruising to Dubai, you get to enjoy several tours.

You will visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The mosque has an elegant design. It is built using stunning white marble. It is one of the largest mosques in the UAE. It has an incredible view. Most travelers cruising the Indian Ocean visit the mosque at sunset.

You can visit the Mall of the Emirates. Where would you go for world-class shopping? Probably New York or Paris, right? Well, you can go to Dubai. It has everything that you may need. You can visit this Mall of the Emirates and other great shopping malls in Dubai.

You can visit the Dubai Fountains. They are near the Dubai Mall. Another great mall to visit in the city. The fountains offer a stunning show every evening. You will love the blend of water and light performing different music.

During your cruise, you can visit some attractions in India. You can visit the Gateway of India. It is a perfect place for stunning photos. It is a great landmark in Mumbai. You can visit the Elephant Caves. It is a heritage site that preserves Indian Heritage.

Feel free to reach out for more about Celebrity Cruises Indian Ocean. You will love the wonderful décor on cruise ships.

Seabourn Cruises are among the best cruises to go on the Indian ocean. The cruise line offers packages for travelers to different destinations. For example, they have a 51-day Indian Ocean cruise. If you choose this journey, Seabourn Sojourn will be your cruising ship. You will travel from Australia to Africa. You will explore Southern Australia to the Swahili Coast in Africa. 

You will choose your type of suite from owner, penthouse, veranda, and ocean view suites. Each suite has its unique features. For example, the veranda suite is situated on Deck 5 and 6. Common features include a queen-size bed, dining table, a bar, and a spacious bathroom. The ocean-view suite is situated on Deck 4. Common features include a tv with movies and music, a dining table, and a queen-size bed. The cruise offers several onboard activities. These include dining options and world-class entertainment.

If you feeling lazy, you can choose the card room. It is full of board activities such as a game of bridge. There is a fitness center. If you want cardio training, this room is fully equipped. You can take up classes such as yoga. Some personal trainers can help achieve your body goals.

There are salon services on the cruise ship. If you want hairstyling, color, or cut, you get them here. You can enjoy a pedicure or manicure while still cruising the sea. There is a restaurant, sky bar, club, bar, and in-suite dining.

The Seabourn cruise line has several Indian Ocean cruises 2023 packages. They have a 35 Nights package from Singapore to Greece. Some of the destinations include Phuket, Colombo, Mumbai, Dubai, and Athens. This will cost about USD 18,100. They have another cheaper package from Singapore to Dubai. This is a 17 Nights package. Common destinations include Penang, Mumbai, Muscat, and Dubai. It will cost about USD 8,700. The cruise line has several Indian Ocean cruises 2023 packages. You can choose one that meets your expectations.

  • Royal Caribbean Indian Ocean Cruise

You can choose Royal Caribbean for the best cruises to go on the Indian Ocean. You can cruise to Mumbai. It is one of the most diverse cities in India. You will visit attractions such as the Gateway of India, Haji Ali mosque, and the Elephant Caves. You may also choose to relax on Chowpatty Beach with the views of the sea.

You can also choose to cruise to Africa. Apart from enjoying the relaxing time on the cruise, you will love Africa. The region is full of tourist destinations. You will visit national parks rich in wildlife. You will see animals such as elephants, lions, leopards, and giraffes. You will love beaches along the coastline. Travelers love relaxing on the fine sands along the sea.

If you want to explore the world in a unique way, you can choose to cruise. Many cruise lines cruise to different regions across the world. Here, we have looked at 3 cruise lines. But you may consider others such as Princess cruises India Ocean. Do you need more info about the best Cruises to go on the Indian Ocean? Feel free to reach out. For the best cruising experience, you need to choose the best cruise line and deals.