Masai Mara is the greatest place for the best wild animals in the world. The region boasts of a collection of wild animals that travelers see during a safari. This article lists down animals & wildlife in Masai Mara.

A list of Animals & Wildlife in Masai Mara

When you visit Masai Mara, you are almost guaranteed of seeing the “Big 9”. This includes animals known as the “Big 5” and the other 4 species found in Mara. Below, you will find a list of animals & wildlife in Masai Mara.

African Buffalo

These animals are also known as Cape Buffalos. They are about 800 kilograms in terms of weight. In Masai Mara, you are likely to find them in herds. You can see them in a group of 100 or more. African Buffalo is not just big. It can be aggressive. Females are extremely aggressive when protecting their young ones. Males can be aggressive when alone. In East Africa, this animal is the most dangerous. This explains why they are not domesticated. You will always see African Buffalo on the Masai Mara animals list.


You can see white and black rhinos in Kenya. However, White Rhino is more common around Lake Nakuru. Mara is home to the black rhino. At any given time, there are about 50 black rhinos in this region. They were thought to be the rarest animals in Masai Mara. Black rhinos are smaller compared to white rhinos. However, they are more aggressive. They are known to have a good sense of smell and hearing. The eyesight is poor. This explains why they are always ready to attack. In terms of weight, they tend to be between 850 and 1600 kilograms.

African Elephant

This is another name you will never miss on the Masai Mara animals list. African Elephant is known for being the largest land animal in the world. African elephants can weigh up to 6 tonnes. These animals are iconic and intelligent. You can spot them when on a wildlife safari in Mara. Did you know their gestation period is 23 months? One more thing, they can live up to 70 years. Masai Mara is home to over 2,500 elephants.


Leopard sighting is one of the fascinating moments for tourists in Masai Mara. They are counted among the Big Cats in the jungle. There is a good number of leopards in Mara. However, a loss of habitat and human encroachment is a threat to these animals. As a result, they have been identified as vulnerable. They have also been put on the IUCN Red List. There is a good chance of spotting them in Mara. They are known for great climbing and hunting skills.


You will never miss lion in a list of animals & wildlife in Masai Mara. There are over 800 lions within the Masai Mara region. The lion is known as the king of the jungle in Africa. Seeing a lion gives tourists an amazing experience. At the same time, the experience can be terrifying. This is because of the reputation, speed, and strength of lions. They tend to live in groups of 15 to 20. They love preying on wildebeests and zebras. They also prey on buffalo and warthogs among other animals.


Hippos are common in Masai Mara. It is among the most dangerous animals in Kenya. It ranks third among the largest land animals. On average, an adult hippo can weigh about 1,500 kilograms. They spend day time in water or mud. At night, they visit the dry land to graze on grass. You can see hippos along lake shores, swamps, or rivers.


The cheetah is an iconic animal in Mara. They have an incredible speed of up to 100 km/hr. This is because of powerful legs and flexible spines. They have a very long tail. This enables them to make a sharp turn when hunting. There is a difference between a cheetah and a leopard. Unlike a leopard, a cheetah is slimmer and has a rounder face. They enjoy preying on antelopes. The number of these animals is declining. As a result, they are classified as endangered species.


Tourists in Masai Mara enjoy sightings of plain zebras. Crocodiles, hyenas, and lions enjoy preying on zebras. They are usually spotted in family groups. They are also known as very social animals.


When you visit Masai Mara expect to see the Masai giraffe. It will be fascinating to see the tallest land animal. Tourists always enjoy the graceful movement of these animals. They tend to live in groups. They love eating the Acacia tree leaves. Did you know giraffes can go for weeks without water? Oh yes, they can as long as they have fresh leaves. Lions, hyenas, and poachers are the greatest enemies of giraffes. Apart from powerful kicks, they flee at a high speed.

Mammals in Masai Mara

Apart from the “Big Nine”, Masai Mara is home to many other animals. Below is a list of some of these other animals & wildlife in Masai Mara.

African hare

They use their sense of sight, smell, and hearing to avoid predators. They feed on berries, twigs, roots, and buds. They weigh between one and three kilograms. They can live up to 12 years.


Masai Mara is home to Grant’s gazelle. They have long horns. They have a white belly and a sandy brown back. Normally, they are found among herbivores such as zebras and wildebeest. You can spot them in large groups.


This is a medium-sized antelope. Usually, you can find them close to water. They eat shrubs, herbs, and young grass shoots. They are many in Masai Mara.

Some of the other animals you can find in Masai Mara include;

  • Olive Baboons
  • Pangolin
  • Mongoose
  • Thomson’s Gazelle
  • Warthogs
  • Porcupine
  • Red-Tailed Monkey
  • Fox
  • Dik Dik
  • Jackal
  • Bat
  • Wildebeest among others

Masai Mara birds

Birds are also part of the animals & wildlife in Masai Mara. It may be tempting to keep your eyes on shrubs, trees, and the ground when in Masai Mara. But there is a lot for you in the skies. Over 500 species live in this region. This is because Masai Mara offers a good environment for bird conservation. Many colorful birds fly around. Luckily, tour guides ensure that you don’t miss any of these moments.

Masai Mara is home to large numbers of animals and wildlife. Tourists travel from across the world for a fascinating experience in the reserve. Plan your trip today for a great Masai Mara Safari tour.