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Aberdare National Park

Aberdare National Park is one of the popular national parks in Kenya. Princess Elizabeth was in this park when her father died. This is where she found out she was the queen. It is the best place for viewing wildlife. Here are five factors that make the park an important destination.


This protected area is rich in wildlife. It is home to the Big Five; cape buffalo, black rhino, African elephant, leopard, and lion.  Other common animals include bushbuck, zebra, monkeys, hyenas, and zebra among others.

The park is also rich in birdlife. It has recorded more than 250 bird species. The common species include plovers, sparrow hawks, eagles, and goshawks among others.

Aberdare National Park activities

The park offers a variety of activities. Here are some of these activities;

Game drive. This is an adventure where you view wildlife from a safari vehicle. For instance, you can enjoy a game drive in an open safari vehicle. A guide will accompany you to ensure your safety. It is a great opportunity to see wild animals in their natural habitat. It is the most loved tour activity in Kenya.

Bird watching. It involves observing different bird species in their natural habitat. This is a hobby for some tourists. It is a common activity in the park.

Trekking. The park is great for trekking safari in Kenya. It is easy to trek. An armed ranger may accompany you during the safari to guide you and offer safety. You can enjoy trekking throughout the year. But the dry season is the best time.

Photography. The park is a great destination for amazing photos. Just bring with you a good camera.


The park is in a mountainous area. Rain is common across the year. Even during the dry season, the park is usually cool. This also makes it easy to access. You can get there by road. But you can also travel by air.


The park has great scenery. The salient ecosystem has a rainforest and hills with high waterfalls. The Kinangop plateau has crystal mountain streams, and hills. These geographical features offer fascinating scenery. They give you a perfect picture of an African landscape. Also, the park has superb waterfalls such as Karuru waterfalls.

Attractive accommodation

Accommodation is readily available in the park. Most of the lodges are located in strategic points. This means that you can view the wildlife from your lodge. Some of the popular lodges are the Ark Lodge, Treetops Lodge, and Fishing Lodge.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Aberdare National Park

The park lies in two counties; Nyeri and Nyandarua.  It is found in the Aberdare Mountain Range. It is about 150 km east of Nairobi. It is about 87 km from Naivasha. Its GPS coordinates are -0.4166° S, 36.6667° E (Latitude, Longitude). It is easily accessible from Naro Moru and Nyeri in central Kenya.

Aberdare National Park fees vary. Kenyan residents and citizens can pay KSH 300 for adults and KSH 215 for kids. As a non-resident, you may pay about USD 52 for adults and USD 26 for children. But your tour operator may include these charges in your safari package.

There are several attractions near the national park. You can visit the Sweetwaters Game Reserve. It is at the foothills of the Aberdare ranges. It is home to many wild animals including the rare chimps. You can visit Lake Ol Bolossat.  It is rich in birdlife and is home to more than 15 species of animals. It is a great lake to see hippos. There is Thomson’s Fall. It is a beautiful waterfall. There is also Mount Kenya NP. Here, you can enjoy game drives and birdwatching. You can also enjoy trekking.

Yes, you can take your entire family on safari. But kids may not be allowed to engage in activities such as night nature walks.

You can visit Aberdare National Park at any time across the year. But March to May and October to December may have high amounts of rainfall. Roads may not be passable. This makes January to February and June to September the best time to visit.